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Bariatric homecare beds feature superior weight capacities and generous sizing to accommodate patients of all sizes. These beds are built to be strong and durable, and to withstand weight capacities that most homecare beds cannot sustain.


Bariatric homecare beds feature weight capacities ranging from 600 to 1,000 pounds. They also have widths varying from 42” to 54”, so you can select the bed that works best for your loved one.


These homecare beds are electrically powered and can be adjusted for different positions. The patient’s head and knees can be raised up for a seated position which makes watching TV or reading more comfortable. The beds are operated by a hand held control, making for easy and simple operation.


The ability to change a patient’s position has many positive health benefits. Position changes can help to relieve muscle cramping and discomfort, while also increasing blood circulation. Changing a patient’s position can help to reduce the development of pressure sores. Position changes contribute to improved patient comfort, and can also lead to improved patient morale.


When buying a bariatric homecare bed, you will find that you have the option to upgrade the bed’s package to include bed rails and a mattress. Consider whether full or partial bed rails are right for the person you’re caring for. It may be well worth the cost to upgrade to a complete bed package, since you will know that the bariatric bed will be arriving with all of the components that you need.


Bariatric beds make it possible to care for a person of any size in the comfort of your own home. The value of homecare cannot be ignored, as it provides people with an increased sense of security and comfort. 

Splurge on the Mattress

When you buy a homecare bed, you will often have the option to upgrade to a higher quality mattress. You should never underestimate the effect that a good mattress can have on patient comfort. Additionally, a higher quality mattress is more likely to last longer than a lower quality mattress is. Choosing to upgrade to a higher quality mattress is a decision that neither you nor your patient are likely to regret. 

Implement Safety Practices

When caring for a loved one in your home, it’s important to implement good safety practices. Once your bariatric bed arrives, make sure that you carefully read the directions for assembly and operation. Refer to the directions if you have any questions about how to safely operate the bed.


It is a wise idea to install bed rails, even partial ones, to reduce the chance of a fall out of bed. Make sure that you also provide the patient with a bell or other way to summon help if they need it.


Most bariatric homecare beds come equipped with wheels, which makes moving the bed easier. Always lock the wheels into position after moving the bed. 

Free Sheet Set!

For a limited time, buy any bed over $800 and receive a free sheet set!
Bare Home Ultra-Soft Microfiber Premium Sheet Set

Free Sheet Set!

For a limited time, buy any bed over $800 and receive a free sheet set!
Bare Home Ultra-Soft Microfiber Premium Sheet Set

Free Sheet Set!

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PR1000 Sheet Set

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