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  1. Golden (4)
  2. Pride (9)
  1. Armrest Covers (2)
  2. Extended Footrest (1)
  3. Heat & Massage (6)
  4. Padded Chaise (12)
  5. Padded Chaise (1)
  6. Wireless Remote (4)
Back Style
  1. Biscuit/Bustle (2)
  2. Button (2)
  3. Sewn Pillow Back (2)
  4. Split/Seam (5)
  5. Waterfall (2)
  1. Fabric (12)
  2. Faux Leather (5)
  3. Faux Suede (1)
  4. Velvet (3)
  5. Vinyl (5)
User Height
  1. 4' 0" - 5' 3" (2)
  2. 5' 11" - 6' 6" (4)
  3. 5' 3" - 5' 10" (13)
Seat Width
  1. 18" or less (1)
  2. 19" - 21" (11)
  3. 22" - 24" (5)
Weight Capacity
  1. 300 - 400 lbs (13)
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3 Position

  1. The Oasis LC-380 3-Position lift chair is built with an overstuffed biscuit back and a memory foam seat. Its simple hand control even includes a USB charging port.
    Back Style Size User Size Weight Weight Capacity
    Biscuit/Bustle Medium 5' 4" to 6' 0" 120 lbs 375 lbs
  2. The Home Décor Collection NM-415 3 Position lift chair features a beautiful design, plenty of comfortable support, and three positions which are perfect for relaxing.
    Back Style Size User Size Weight Weight Capacity
    Sewn Pillow Back Medium 5' 4" to 6' 0" 118 lbs 375 lbs
  3. $1,225.00

    Convenient flip-open arms offer plenty of storage, a cupholder and hideaway tray.
    Back Style Size User Size Weight Weight Capacity
    Waterfall Medium 5' 4" to 5' 10" 125 lbs 375 lbs
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Expert Advice

If you’re looking for the perfect way to relax after a long day, a three position lift chair may be the perfect solution. Three position lift chairs typically offer full recline and semi recline positions to keep you relaxed and comfortable. Then, when you’re ready to get up again, the lift chair tilts up and forward, gently lifting you to your feet.


Three position lift chairs offer you plenty of versatility. The semi recline position is excellent for watching TV, talking with friends and family, working on your laptop, and reading. If you’re looking for more relaxation, the full recline position is perfect for sleeping.


Three position lift chairs are designed to be comfortable while providing you with the support that you need. You will find that the backrests differ in style – button, bustle, and waterfall designs are just some of the back cushion styles that you will be able to choose from. Some chairs also feature removable padding in the backrest so that you can truly customize the chair’s fit to your preferences.


The three position lift chairs that you see here are electrically powered and can be operated by use of a hand held remote. Many of these chairs include backup power sources so that you can still use the chair in the event of a local power outage.


Three position lift chairs are ideal for anyone. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or just need a place to relax, three position chairs give you plenty of options while helping you back to your feet. You can enjoy your three position lift chair knowing that you can quickly get up again if you need the bathroom or have to answer the phone. 

Make Sure the Chair Fits

Three position lift chairs come in many different sizes, so it’s important to make sure that the chair you’re buying fits everyone who will be using it. You’ll find that the chair sizes differ and include tall, wide, small, medium, large options, and more. Additionally, each chair features a user size range – you will want to buy a chair that is appropriately sized for a comfortable fit.


Choose Your Upholstery and Chair Style

With so many different three position lift chairs to choose from, you can select a chair with a style that will suit your home décor. In addition to choosing the style of chair that you want, many chairs are available in multiple upholstery options so you’re sure to find a chair which suits the decorating scheme in your home. 

Consider Upgrading to Massage and Heat

To get even more value out of your lift chair, consider upgrading the chair with a massage and heat package. Many three position lift chairs can be upgraded with this special package, transforming your lift chair into a massage chair. When you’re relaxing at the end of the day, adding massage and heat can further help to soothe sore muscles and make for a luxurious experience. 

Free Chair Pad!

Buy any lift chair and receive a Free washable absorbent chair pad!
Chair Pad (Washable)

Free Chair Pad!

Buy any lift chair and receive a Free washable absorbent chair pad!
Chair Pad (Washable)

Free Chair Pad!

Buy any lift chair and receive a Free washable absorbent chair pad!
Chair Pad (Washable)

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