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Ramps are an essential tool in making buildings accessible to people who use aids such as wheelchairs, scooters, and walkers. Mobility ramps can help to transform stairs, doorways, and building entrances so that they can be navigated by people who are elderly, injured, or handicapped.

Ramps are available in a wide variety of designs. Some mobility ramps are intended for permanent installation, while others are created for temporary use. There are many ramps which are designed to be portable, so that a person can bring their ramp with them to overcome accessibility issues as they travel or do errands.

More significant access ramp systems are ideal for homes and businesses. When a building isn’t accessible because of stairs, ramps can be installed as an alternative way to access the building. If you are dealing with a large set of stairs or a steep incline, then a system of ramps paired with landings may be necessary in order to make a safe and accessible entrance.

Homeowners may choose to purchase ramps if they or a loved one cannot navigate stairs. In addition to being suitable for business use, the ramps on these pages are also ideal for home use. From a basic threshold ramp to a full access ramp with handrails, there is sure to be a ramp available to suit your specific needs.

When choosing a ramp, you will need to make decisions about what style, construction materials, size, and budget are right for your needs. If outfitting a business to be wheelchair accessible, ramps can make an affordable option which is easy to install. If you or a loved one depend on a wheelchair, then there are a variety of ramps which can make both your home and areas you travel to accessible.

Consider Your Purpose

Ramps are available in countless orientations and designs, each created for a very specific purpose. Before shopping for a ramp, think about the task that you need the ramp to fulfill. This can quickly narrow down your search.

Measure Your Wheelchair

Ramps are available in different widths. If you’re buying a ramp for use with a particular wheelchair, then measure the width of the wheelchair to make sure that the ramp you buy will accommodate that wheelchair.

Understand Desired Wheelchair Ramp Slope

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, a wheelchair ramp should have a slope no greater than 1:12. This means that for every 1” in height that the wheelchair will travel, a 1’ section of ramp should be provided. Let’s say that you need a ramp to bring a wheelchair user up a 12” incline. The ramp should be at least 12’ long to create an angle which is not too steep or dangerous for the wheelchair user.


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