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Stand-up Lifts

  1. by ArjoHuntleigh
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    The Sara 3000 Power Standing Lift features an ergonomic design and a powered chassis to create smoother, safer transfers for both the caregiver and the patient.
    Base Closed Base Open Lifting Range Weight Weight Capacity
    25" 35.5" No 158 lbs 440 lbs
  2. The Hoyer Elevate is aᅠpremiumᅠactive lift designed to improve the lifting experience for both the caregiver and the patient.
    Base Closed Base Open Lifting Range Weight Weight Capacity
    34.3" 39.1" 39.2" to 64.7" 136 lbs 440 lbs
  3. $8,091.00

    The Sara Plus Standing Lift includes unique features such as its Arc-Rest for upper body support and its height adjustable knee support for excellent versatility.
    Base Closed Base Open Lifting Range Weight Weight Capacity
    25" 39" No 187 lbs 400 lbs
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Stand assist lifts, also called sit to stand lifts, are ideal for transferring patients who are partially weight bearing. Stand assist lifts provide patients with support as they pull themselves up into a standing position for the transfer.


Stand assist lifts are excellent for use in a rehabilitative setting. Because the patient must partially support their own weight, they can gradually build their strength and begin to use muscles that need to be developed. Using a stand assist lift can also give a patient a sense of accomplishment and progress, helping to fight off feelings of depression and frustration during a slow recovery.


Many stand assist lifts feature footplates and handles for the patient. Most of these lifts also include knee pads, which help to support and stabilize the patient’s legs during the transfer. Sometimes the footplate is removable so that you can customize the lift to the individual patient’s needs. Once the patient is on the lift, the caregiver can maneuver the lift to the chosen destination.


You will find that stand assist lifts vary in style. Some of these patient lifts are designed so that they can be used with or without a sling. Adding a sling to the lift provides patients with additional support, which is particularly important when patients are just beginning to bear weight again. As the patient gains strength, the sling can be removed.


As you shop for a stand assist lift, you will need to decide whether a powered or manual lift is right for your needs. Powered lifts reduce the amount of physical effort required on the part of the caregiver. Some powered lifts even feature powered bases, so that the base can be adjusted without the caregiver ever needing to bend down or take their eyes off the patient. Manual lifts tend to cost less than powered stand assist lifts. They feature hydraulic controls which allow the caregiver to operate the lift without too much effort.


Stand assist lifts are useful in a variety of settings, though they’re particularly common in rehabilitative settings. 

Look for Adaptability

In order for a stand assist lift to be useful, it needs to properly fit and suit each patient. Look for a stand assist lift which is adjustable in size for a customized patient fit. The option to add on or take away a sling will increase the versatility of your stand assist lift. This versatility and adaptability is particularly important in a professional setting where a single lift will need to suit a variety of patients. 

Consider Features Carefully

Stand assist lifts come with a wide variety of features. From removable footplates to powered bases, you will have your choice of options when buying a stand assist lift. Carefully consider your specific needs for the lift and the environment in which you’ll be using it. Determining what features the stand assist lift needs to have will make your lift selection easier. 

Free Sara 3000 Sling!

Buy the Sara 3000 Lift and receive a FREE Arjo Sara 3000 Standing Sling!
Sara 3000 Standing Sling

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Buy any Sit to Stand Lift over $800 and receive a Free Padded Standing Sling!
Bestcare Universal Stand Assist Padded

Free Sara Plus Sling!

Buy a Sara Plus Lift and receive a Free Sara Plus Standing Sling!
ArjoHuntleigh Sara Plus Standing Sling

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