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4-Wheel Scooters

  1. Golden Buzzaround Buzzaround EX Extreme 4-Wheel Bestsellers
    by Golden
    4 5.00 0.00 9

    In Stock


    The BuzzAround EX Extreme 4-Wheel scooter features suspension, a 4-wheel design for excellent stability, and an extremely comfortable seat for an enjoyable ride.
    Heaviest Piece Travel Range Top Speed Weight Weight Capacity
    53 lbs 18 miles 5 mph 115 lbs 330 lbs
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Do you need help running errands, traveling outdoors, or just getting around in general? A 4-wheel scooter might be the perfect solution for you. Four-wheel scooters can restore your independence. They can help to save you energy while you’re traveling, and provide you with stability and security so that you can feel confident when leaving the house.

Four-wheel scooters can give you mobility, taking you wherever you want to go. Thanks to the 4-wheel design, these scooters have excellent stability, making for a smooth and relaxing ride. Four-wheel scooters can tackle the challenges of outdoor terrain, so they’re a great choice if you’re often on the go.

Four-wheel scooters offer advantages over three-wheel models. Four-wheel scooters are more stable, and they’re built for demanding outdoor use. Many 4-wheel scooters boast significant clearance heights and incline ratings, so they’re ready to contend with hills and uneven terrain, like you might find in an older, bumpy sidewalk. You’ll likely find that many 4-wheel scooters have wheels which are designed to maximize traction for added safety.

You’ll find that 4-wheel scooters are ready to accommodate the demands of long hours of traveling and running errands. They often include large baskets for storage convenience, and most have very comfortable and supportive seats for a relaxed ride. Some scooters are equipped with shock absorption or a suspension to create a smooth ride and minimize jolting during your travels. Many offer headlights for safety, and you’ll often find delta tillers designed for ease of use and comfort.

Because of their 4-wheel design, 4-wheel scooters typically require a greater amount of room to turn around in than 3-wheel scooters. Four-wheel scooters are often recommended for outdoor use, but some are narrow enough and agile enough to use indoors, too. Make sure to check the scooter’s width and turning radius when determining if it will work for your intended purposes.

Check Weight Limits and Scooter Size

Scooters are built in different sizes – not all scooters are a good fit for all people. Pay attention to the weight limits of each scooter, and take a look at the scooter’s size and length. Adjustable seat heights give you some ability to customize the fit of the scooter, but buying a scooter that’s too big – or too small – for you will never result in a comfortable fit.

Consider Transportation

If you will be transporting your scooter by vehicle, then be sure to plan ahead. Because 4-wheel scooters are a bit larger than 3-wheel scooters, it’s important to look into how each individual scooter may be transported. Some 4-wheel scooters disassemble into multiple parts which can then be loaded into a vehicle. Other scooters may not come apart, and may instead require a vehicle lift. Be sure to consider how you will transport your scooter and account for the cost of a lift, if needed, in your budget.

If you have a route that you travel regularly, then think about the obstacles that your scooter will need to overcome. Issues like uneven terrain, steep hills, and the overall distance that you need to travel should all factor into your selection of a scooter. Make a list of the features that your scooter needs to have, and look for a scooter that meets those requirements.

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