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Drive Range
  1. 10.1 - 15 miles (1)
  2. 15.1 - 20 miles (1)
Weight Capacity
  1. 200 - 300 lbs (1)
  2. 300 - 400 lbs (1)
Turning Radius
  1. 35" or less (1)
  2. 35.1" - 40" (1)
Max Speed
  1. 4.1 - 6 mph (2)
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Portable Scooters

  1. by EV Rider
    5 5.00 0.00 7

    In Stock


    The MiniRider scooter features a 15-mile travel range, a 5-mile-per-hour top speed, and easy disassembly, making it ideal for anyone who’s on the go.
    Heaviest Piece Travel Range Top Speed Weight Weight Capacity
    37 lbs 15 miles 5 mph 85 lbs 275 lbs
  2. by EV Rider

    In Stock


    The RiderExpress offers full suspension and a generously padded folding seat, keeping you as comfortable as possible when traveling over uneven terrain.
    Heaviest Piece Travel Range Top Speed Weight Weight Capacity
    46 lbs 12 miles 5 mph 103 lbs 300 lbs
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If you’re always on the go, then a portable scooter may be the perfect way to restore your independence and make errands and travel easier. Portable scooters are designed to be versatile and easy to transport. They’re typically lightweight and can be loaded into a vehicle without the use of a vehicle lift.

If you find that fatigue, poor balance, weakness, or disability limits your ability to travel outdoors or interact with others, then a portable scooter may be the perfect way to reestablish that link with the world. Portable scooters provide you with mobility and safety, and they’re ready to go wherever you do.

Portable scooters are generally built to either disassemble or to fold up. Scooters that can be disassembled come apart into a number of different pieces. Scooters that fold up remain as a single unit, but the seat and tiller usually collapse down so that the scooter is a more manageable size.

If you’re traveling alone or with another person, portable scooters can generally be loaded into the trunk of a car, or into any other vehicle. This is a major advantage in that you don’t have to own a large vehicle in order to transport your scooter. Whereas heavy duty scooters and power wheelchairs often require a vehicle lift, you don’t need a lift for portable scooters. This makes portable scooters an economical investment.

Portable scooters are designed to be lightweight and include features to make your life easier. From carry baskets to seats created to provide support and keep you comfortable, portable scooters are ready for use in various conditions. Whether you use your scooter for running errands, visiting friends, traveling through the airport or mall, or simply to enjoy some air outside, a portable scooter can make any sort of travel that you do easier and safer.

Consider the Scooter’s Weight

If you will be frequently transporting your scooter, then carefully consider the scooter’s overall weight. If the scooter folds down, then you will be moving the entire scooter as a unit, so make sure that you or an assistant are capable of lifting that weight into and out of a vehicle. If the scooter disassembles, then check the weight of the heaviest piece to make sure that it is manageable.

Look Into What Makes the Scooter Portable

Portable scooters typically disassemble or fold down for easy portability. If you travel alone, then carefully consider which design would be best for you. Scooters which disassemble require that you then lift multiple parts (typically three to five) into your vehicle, and then reassemble the unit once you’ve reached your destination. On the other hand, scooters which fold down stay together as a single unit, but this also means that you need to lift the entire scooter into and out of your vehicle.

If you plan to fly with your portable scooter, then it’s advisable to call the airport ahead of time. Different airports have different regulations regarding the types of batteries that you can transport. Speak with the airline about your scooter, its size when disassembled, and the best way to transport it.

Free BackPack!

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Free BackPack!

For a limited time, buy any scooter over $800 and receive a Scooter BackPack!
EZ Access Scooter BackPack Carry-On

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