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Vehicle Lifts

  1. $995.00

    The Manual Scooter Lift by EWheels is a great, fuss-free way to tote your scooter from place to place.The 31"W by 42"L ramp makes it easy to get your scooter from the ground to the generous 32"W by 60" platform.
    Professional Installation Lift Type Accommodates Weight Weight Capacity
    No Outside Lift Scooters 140 lbs 350 lbs
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Vehicle lifts allow you to easily and safely transport power wheelchairs, scooters, and wheelchairs in or behind your vehicle. When your mobility vehicle is large or heavy, a vehicle lift is necessary whenever you wish to transport it.

Vehicle lifts can give you greater freedom, allowing you to bring your scooter or wheelchair with you when you travel. You can then use your wheelchair or scooter once you reach your destination. Whether running errands, visiting friends, or traveling, vehicle lifts can make your life easier, allowing you to be independent away from home.

There are two main types of vehicle lifts: exterior lifts and interior lifts. There are benefits to both types. Exterior vehicle lifts carry your wheelchair or scooter behind your vehicle. In many cases, you can drive the wheelchair or scooter right onto the lift, which then raises itself up so that it is clear of the ground. Exterior vehicle lifts are ideal if you have a smaller car, or if you want to save space inside your vehicle.

On the other hand, interior vehicle lifts carry your scooter or wheelchair in the safety of your vehicle. Interior vehicle lifts generally involve the use of an arm unit which lifts up your wheelchair or scooter before swinging it inside your vehicle. If you want to use an interior vehicle lift, then your vehicle needs to be large enough to accommodate both the lift and your scooter or wheelchair. Carrying your scooter or wheelchair inside your vehicle is ideal during inclement weather, since your scooter or wheelchair stays protected and dry.

You will find that vehicle lifts vary greatly in size, style, and price. Keep in mind that exterior lifts are each compatible with certain vehicle hitch types. If you have questions about which lift is right for your vehicle and scooter or wheelchair, then give us a call – we’re happy to help you pick out the lift that’s right for you.

Consider Your Vehicle Hitch Type

Vehicle lifts are each compatible with certain vehicle hitch types. There are four main vehicle hitch types – Class I, Class II, Class III, and Class IV. The larger the hitch type, the greater the amount of weight your vehicle can pull. When buying a vehicle lift, make sure that the lift will accommodate your vehicle hitch type. You will also need to select the right hitch adaptor for your hitch type in order to install the lift correctly.

Choose an Installation Type

Vehicle lifts can be installed professionally, or you may choose to install them yourself. When installed professionally, most vehicle lifts will be hard wired to your vehicle’s battery. If you choose to install the lift yourself, then you will need to purchase a battery pack, which is typically an additional cost.

Learn to Use Your Lift Properly

When you receive your new vehicle lift, take the time to learn exactly how the lift works. Read the directions carefully and make sure that you understand how to use the lift to secure and properly lift your scooter or wheelchair.


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