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  1. Manufacturer: PVI
  • $ 399 $ 400

Professional Installation
  1. No (1)
  1. eWheels (1)
  2. EZ Carrier (3)
  3. Harmar (1)
  4. PVI (1)
  5. ScootaTrailer (1)
Lift Type
  1. Outside Lift (1)
  1. Power Chiars (1)
  2. Scooters (1)
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Manual Lifts

  1. Add up to 400 lbs of storage capacity to your vehicle with our hitch mounted carrier basket. The basket allows you to haul your powerchair or mobility scooter easily.
    Professional Installation Lift Type Accommodates Weight Weight Capacity
    No Outside Lift Power Chiars, Scooters 34 lbs 400 lbs

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