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Walking Aids

Walkers Prices Starting at $35

Rollators Prices Starting at $69

Canes Prices Starting at $17.5

Knee Walkers Prices Starting at $48.95

Specialty Walkers Prices Starting at $91

Heavy Duty Prices Starting at $145

Accessories Prices Starting at $3.99

Gait Trainer Prices Starting at $0

Crutches Prices Starting at $22.99

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At some point in your life, it’s likely that you or a loved one will need the assistance of a walking aid. Walking aids are designed to provide stability and support, helping you to walk safely. Whether you need a walking aid to take part of your weight or just need a little extra stability, there is surely a walking aid available for your needs.

Walking aids provide people with many benefits. They are useful in helping to prevent falls and give the user an increased sense of confidence and security. Walking aids also help the user to maintain their independence when they otherwise might have to depend on a wheelchair. Because a walking aid allows you to move under your own power, walking aids are excellent ways to maintain or build your strength.

Walking aids are used in a variety of situations. Aids like crutches are often used temporarily to help keep you mobile while you recover from an injury. Walking aids such as rollators, canes, and gait trainers are often used in rehabilitation settings to help you build strength after an illness or injury. Other walking aids, including walkers and canes, may be used long-term to assist as you age or deal with a chronic condition.

There are many different types of walking aids available, and each offers a different type of support. Walkers and rollators can support a significant amount of your weight and offer excellent stability. Canes can hold less of your weight, and are more suitable for someone who has good balance but is lacking strength in one side. Crutches are intended to bear your weight temporarily as you heal from an injury, and knee walkers are an alternative to crutches which require less upper body strength.

The exact type of walking aid that is right from you will depend on your situation, your balance, and your strength.

Consult Your Doctor

If you are in need of a walking aid, your doctor or physical therapist can often advise you about what type of walking aid is right for you. Discuss your plans to buy a walking aid with your doctor so that he or she can advise you on what type of aid is best for your specific issues.

Pay Attention to Height Range and Weight Capacity

Walking aids often have specific height ranges and weight capacities. When choosing a walking aid, make sure that it can accommodate both your height and weight.

Learn How to Properly Use Your Walking Aid

A walking aid is only effective and safe if it is used properly. Make sure that you thoroughly read the instructions that come with your walking aid. Your walking aid needs to be properly adjusted for your body, and you need to use the aid correctly in order for it to be safe.


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